Custom History Charts


Because HomeKit does not support updating values from the background, I used the Tado and Awair api’s to get history information for room temperature, humidity and co2 level.

This guide will show you another solution for other Homekit devices. You will have to have some familiarity with shortcuts, Homekit automation and web api’s. In this example we will use a firebase database to update the json file that the app will read to update the charts.

The firebase database as setup in this guide is not secured and will be accessible to anybody that has the url that links to it. If you don’t feel comfortable with that, then don’t uses this method.

In Settings > Advanced > Room Charts select the json tab. Then select “Save Home Setup as JSON” to export it. Rename the extension to .json

  • First select the 3 dots and choose import from json.
  • Then add the json file.

In Settings > Advanced > Room Charts select the json tab. Enter your firebase base url without the /rooms.json part in the JSON URL field.